Kick-Start Your Morning With a Fresh Cup of Coffee

We have drip coffee, espresso and more at our shop in Caribou, ME

Nothing beats a fresh hot coffee in the morning or a refreshing iced coffee on a warm afternoon. When you need some caffeine to give your day a boost, come to Ruska Coffee in Caribou, ME. We have fresh-brewed drip coffee, teas and even energy drinks. No matter your choice of beverage, we've got you covered.


Explore your options

Treat yourself to a pick-me-up with an espresso coffee or a Locust energy drink. Come to our coffee shop when you're in the mood for:

  • A drip coffee
  • An espresso coffee
  • An iced coffee
  • A Frappuccino
  • A cold brew coffee
  • A hot or iced tea
  • An energy drink
Stop by our coffee shop today to try one of our fresh and delicious coffees for yourself. Be sure to see what we have made fresh in our bakery as well.

Delicious coffee takes time

No two cups of coffee are created equal. Here at Ruska Coffee, we make sure all of it tastes good, from our espresso beverages to our drip coffee. We take our time to brew every cup the right way so our customers can enjoy a bold, smooth flavor. When you order our drip coffee, you can enjoy a better taste, texture and flavor than what you get from your coffee machine at home. No matter what type of coffee you order, you'll get a hand-crafted drink that will warm your soul.